I am a philosophy doctoral candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center. I work in philosophy of mind, as it intersects with feminist philosophy and philosophy of psychiatry. My areas of interest are ethics, social epistemology, philosophy of cognitive science and neuroscience, and philosophy of gender.

My research is on the nature of desire. In my dissertation, The Structure of Desire: Toward an Integrationist Account, I develop a theory of the structure of desire that debunks two orthodoxies in philosophy of mind; namely, that i) there is a natural distinction between bodily desires and cognitive desires, and ii) there is a categorical distinction between intrinsic desires on the one hand, and instrumental desires on the other hand. I reject both orthodoxies and argue that desires consist of inextricably integrated bodily and cognitive elements, and that the conventionally differentiated kinds of desire—intrinsic and instrumental— in fact run together.

David Papineau supervises my doctoral research. Peter Godfrey-Smith, Linda Martín Alcoff and Miranda Fricker sit on my advising committee